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by Adam Van Doren

This book is a revealing and personal portrait of Yale and its buildings that will educate and inspire.

As Robert A. M. Stern has written for the foreword: "It is refreshing to see Yale through its buildings, old and new, as the talent of Adam Van Doren gives them new life."

Paul Goldberger, the Pulitzer Prize winning architecture critic, has written: "Van Doren makes the Yale campus not monumental but intimate, inviting, and warm. It becomes the stuff of fantasy: opulent, surely, but more friendly than haughty." This book offers an exclusive tour behind the gates of Yale's renowned residential colleges such as Davenport and Branford, and explores its fabled secret societies such as Scroll and Key and Skull and Bones, which claims three United States presidents as former members. This book will be a treasure for Yale's alumni, faculty, students, and its larger community, alike.

Even non-Yalies will find much to learn and discover in these pages. "Yale's history is America's history," as Van Doren writes in his introduction. "Over 317 years, the university has evolved with the times, changing considerably since its earliest days as the fledgling Collegiate School."

In addition to a detailed map of the campus, enlightening essays are included here by Henry Chauncey, Jr., former Special Assistant to Yale’s president Kingman Brewster.

"The Stones of Yale is a delight--fresh and observant....I will be turning to its pages again and again, I have no doubt.
--David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize author of Truman

"Van Doren's skill is a good match for the subject he honors."
--Philip K. Howard, author of The Lost Art of Drawing the Line

"The Stones of Yale is a feast, and leaves one wondering what Van Doren is going to paint and write about next."
--The Lakeville Journal Book Review

"[With The Stones of Yale] Van Doren has captured that elusive wind of the past and the present that dusts his subjects."
--Peter Rosen, former Producer for The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour

"A gorgeous achievement!"
-David Richards, author of Skulls and Keys: The Hidden History of Yale's Secret Societies